Identity, spirituality and homeopathy

Healing the past – spiritual and homeopathic aspects, important rubrics

The art of repertorisation – how with a few intelligently chosen rubrics to represent the core of the identity


Dr Ajit Kulkarni

16-18 March 2018


16 March 2018

Master class with patients in front of the audience

17 March 2018

Identity, spirituality and homeopathy – theory and practice.

Questions relevant for our lifetime: How to find the right and proper information from all there is nowadays?

Clinical pictures and remedies for patients who have “immersed” too deep, in the wrong way or in a fatalistic way in the theme of karma, spirituality and healing.

Psychological consultation.

Analysis and repertorisation of cases by the participants.

Repertorium – an intelligent instrument with many positive sides, only if used intelligently

Specifics of choosing the raw data of the case – qualitative selection of rubrics.

Psychological interactions between rubrics and how to use them for a successful repertorisation?

What is a combined rubris? How it is created and how it is used?

Meaning of specially chosen rubrics and their connection with other important rubrics.

Comparative analysis of remedies from these rubrics. Selection of rubrics through cases from Dr Kulkarni’s practice.



18 March 2018

Healing of the past – spiritual and homeopathic aspects, important rubrics.

Discussion about the role and behavior of the homeopathic physician, the healer, the psychologist.


Dr. Kulkarni will answer the first 10 questions connected with karmic and spiritual aspects of healing, send by the participants in this seminar by 5th March 2018. Please send your questions to




13:00 – 13:30 Registration

13:30 – 19:30 Master class: taking cases, analysis and prescription.


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9:30 – 18:00 Seminar day І


9:30 – 16:00 Seminar day ІІ

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Venue: Sofia, Project Lab, 58 Maria Luiza Blvd.

Beginning: 16 March 2018

Registration: 13:00 – 13:30

Together we achieve more as healers and specialists.

We are looking forward to exchanging knowledge and experience.

Dr Dora Pachova and Maria Djongova

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