Music for the Senses Invisible

Selected pieces for mothers-to-be performed by:

Ivelina Ivantcheva, piano and harpsichord

Dessislava Tcholakova, violin

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing

the inexpressible is music.”

Aldous Huxley

Music is all around us. Our whole life is rhythm and harmony. This is the universal language of humankind.

We recorded an album, which we called “Music for the senses invisible…”. This is the story of the album. It much resembles a modern tale, which we have the pleasure to be living in. We would love to pass some of the magic to You.

The story of “Music for the Senses Invisible…”

Ivelina Ivantcheva is a world-famous pianist, professor at the National Musical Academy “P. Vladiguerov” (Sofia), awarded with Golden Lyre (2015), laureate of national and international competitions. She is also one of the founders of the National Association for Prenatal Education in Bulgaria. For a long time she has been developing the idea for creating a musical album, appropriate for the period of pregnancy.

She selects certain pieces and adopts a specific way for their arrangement, which she finds most appropriate for the development of abilities and qualities within the future person.

In order for the project to become reality and reveal its full potential, there is the need for combining a lot of events and people at the same place, at the same time.

During 2015, Dessislava Tcholakova, a virtuoso internationally renowned violinist and concert-master of the National Radio Orchestra, awaits her first child. This becomes the appropriate moment for recording an album like “Music for the Senses Invisible…”. These two musicians make the final selection of compositions for the album and choose 22 classical pieces.

Among them there are pieces by W.A. Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, François Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Bartok, V. Kazandzhiev, G. Zlatev-Cherkin, Shostakovich, Franz Schubert. A central place is given to Tchaikovsky’s “Children’s Album”, Op. 39, on which Valeri Petrov based his stories “In the Moonlit Room”, and Nikolina Georgieva creates a puppet theatre piece for children.

When the musicians are ready, the time comes for finding a studio, where the recording will take place. In June 2015, thanks to Dona and Nikolo, we found out about Intelligent Music Studios. The recording has been made for only 3 days, literally in one breath. We owe our special thanks to Ivo and Plamen for their high professionalism and the invaluable advice during the recording sessions.

In 2016 we formed the documental part, related to creating a music CD. Veli completed the design and replicating, and thanks to her and “M-design” the album and its message received their final appearance.

Sometimes, in order to make a project real, a lot of efforts on behalf of even more people during different time-periods are needed. For us this album happened magically, and has unique energy. We hope that we will be able to share with You, its listeners, at least a fraction of the magic.

Why these very pieces?

Practically speaking, each album, which the mother likes, is appropriate for listening before giving birth. For this particular album prof. Ivantcheva has selected classical compositions, written by Bulgarian and internationally famous authors. A variety of styles is present, which will serve as a foundation to forming a nourishing relationship with music.

For whom is this album made?

This album has been created with all classical music lovers in mind. Its special dedication is to the future mothers during their pregnancy, and everyone close to their hearts.

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Participants in this inspiring project are:

The product is registered in the Ministry of Culture under No. 57361/26-10-2016 and Musicautor.